Here at Butler Armstead Consulting Solutions, our seminars and training can help your organization develop an integrated, and team, work approach that will better drive individual and organizational performance. An investment in any one of our seminars will assist your employees explore work competencies, discover new strategies and develop useful skills. Additionally, we can help you assess your organizational needs and develop curriculum specifically tailored to meet the challenges your employees face today.


TEAMING ENVIRONMENTS UNDOUBTEDLY ACHIEVE SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – This is an introduction to teaming and the essential elements required to ensure high performance. For staffs interested in integrating non-traditional approaches to work, accomplishing more with less, and accelerating leadership development, this seminar is for you. Your staff will explore the elements of successful teams, and acquire the tools and techniques to ensure greater collaboration and productivity.

OPTIMIZING PERFORMANCE FOR WORK GROUPS AND TEAMS – For those already working in teams, this seminar will allow you to build on your knowledge of team dynamics, and increase your team’s performance through continuous process improvement strategies, and by gaining greater self awareness through the use of the MBTI, EQI, and 360 degree feedback instruments.

EXPLOITING THE BENEFITS OF DIVERSITY AND A MULTICULTURAL WORKPLACE – This workshop explores the value of diversity and differences in maximizing organizational performance. Managers and supervisors will expose the common stereotypes and bias we all bring to the workplace, and acquire a working understanding of the civil protection guaranteed to all employees, while learning how to creatively meet challenges we are sure to face in a diverse workplace.

PARTNERING WITH YOUR STAFF TO ENSURE SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Change is inevitable and clearly a prerequisite for organizational success. Senior managers, supervisors and associates alike play critical roles in ensuring the success of any change management strategy. This seminar will help division leaders and staff learn how to navigate the oftentimes-rocky road of resistance brought on by change, and at the same time unleash the power inherent in charting a new direction for your organization.

COMMUNICATION: THE FOUNDATION OF SOUND ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT - No organization succeeds without effective communications. Ensuring productive work relations among co-workers, who are often asked to do more with less, requires good attention to interpersonal skills and office dynamics. In this seminar, managers and supervisors will learn critical coaching and feedback skills required to keep the lines of communication open and enhance staff and work relations.

WHENEVER TWO OR THREE ARE GATHERED, THERE IS CERTAIN TO BE CONFLICT – Conflict is a natural part of life and thus the work environment as well. While some would hope to experience a workplace free of such tension, effective leaders anticipate and successfully manage conflict to ensure individual and group performance. This seminar will explore workplace conflict and help you identify and leverage your preferred approaches to managing workplace differences.

MANAGEMENT THEORY AND TODAY’S APPLICATION – If you are a new manager, you owe it to your staff and yourself to understand the principles of effective leadership and management. Often managers are influenced solely by their own experiences – if they were lead by good leadership, they may model the same, if the example was poor, imagine the fate of the staff members who must submit to the replica of this example. This management theory seminar will ensure you gain a good working understanding of management and the current approaches to effective leadership.

LEADERSHIP THAT FOLLOWERS PURSUE - Organizational success does not occur without good leadership; and good leadership cannot exist without a capable and willing staff. Leaders enjoy the responsibility of creating motivated behavior within their staff. However, such a task is anything but pleasant if the staff are not willing to follow. This seminar will explore how effective leaders not only develop capable staff, but encourage staff to willingly follow.

DELEGATION: THE ONLY WAY TO ACCOMPLISH MORE WITH LESS – Motivated staff fan their own fire; and effective delegation generates optimum behavior. In our current environment, where we must maximize performance and meet mission critical goals, effective delegation is essential to ensuring organizational success. Discover how delegation can improve your organization’s performance and help you to become a more successful lader.

MOTIVATION: HOW MANY GRASSHOPPERS WILL YOUR TEAM EAT? - It is not uncommon that leaders are sometimes faced with the arduous task of motivating their staff to tackle a task that is somewhat distasteful. How many grasshoppers would your staff eat for you? Attend this seminar and learn the power of effective persuasion and how to motivate positive behavior even in difficult times.

MEETINGS THAT WORK AND GET WORK DONE! – All managers would agree that we often spend so much time in meetings that we are challenged to get anything done. Since meetings are an inevitable part of our work, making them more effective has to become our number one priority. How can we make every meeting effective? Learn the key strategies of effective facilitation and how to convene, lead and facilitate effectively meetings.