Smooth sailing in business is a myth. If your organization is facing challenges, our facilitators at Butler Armstead Consulting Solutions, will help you analyze the issues, find the “root cause”, unify disparate groups, and effectively move forward. Whether its reoccurring cycles, long-standing conflicts, process improvements, or simply needing a sandbox referee; our consultants bring keen insights, and understand how to strategically engage individuals and groups to uncover, and then fix, the often perceived to be unsolvable problems that can plague organizations.

Select Client Engagements:

The National Archives and Records Administration

Over a period of four years, our HR team assisted several National Archives and Record Administration divisions restructure and develop non-traditional approaches to accomplishing their work. These divisions include: The National Archives Records Office, Motion Pictures and Special Media, Maps and Planning, and the Conservation Laboratory.

Additionally,  our lead consultant assisted the National Archives on several Business Process Improvement initiatives. These efforts included design and development of training, executive coaching and administering the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for select work groups and teams. Further, We conducted workflow analysis and organizational development assessments, and provided ongoing consultation, facilitation and coaching for team leaders and managers.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development

Butler Armstead Consulting Solutions' HR team assist several Department of Housing and Urban Development Field Offices redesign standard operating procedures for intervening in property disputes between managing agents and residential councils. Additionally, we provided facilitation and mediation services for the Central and Field offices housing developments nationwide.

Further, we designed and conducted national training for resident capacity building, which included training on home ownership, property maintenance, cooperative living, community and economic development, and resident leadership.