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Government Contracting Assistance

Let our experienced team at Butler Armstead Consulting Solutions help your company do business on the federal level.

Human Resources Management

Unlock the full potential of your workforce by integrating our human resources management solutions at your business.

Learn about Butler Armstead Consulting Solutions

Butler Armstead Consulting Solutions in Mitchellville, Maryland is a consulting firm that consists of two Divisions – one specializing in Federal Government Contracting, and the other offering the full range of Human Resources Management Consulting services.

The Federal Government Contracting Division assists small businesses and other client companies through various phases of the Federal contracting process.  We encourage application of time-tested principals to enhance existing business development models and to help clients grow and sustain effective relationships with Federal sector partners.  We seek to enrich the client’s knowledge of key practices and behaviors in government contracting as a means for maximizing enterprise performance and competitive posture.

The Human Resources Management Consulting Division aids Federal, State and local entities in optimizing the use of their human resources.  High performance organizations need great leaders at all levels throughout the organization.  The Human Resource Management Consulting Division engages, inspires, and educates current and future leaders to step beyond the ordinary and deliver exceptional results.


Mission Statement

Butler Armstead Consulting Solutions assists client companies in enhancing business development, formulating effective marketing solutions, and optimizing performance of human resources to meet mission-critical goals.

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