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Government Building - Business Development

Help your company standout from the rest when you are seeking business from the Federal Government. Butler Armstead Consulting Solutions in Mitchellville, Maryland, provides consultative services in the areas of business development and federal contracting.

Work with the Government

The Federal Government Contracting Division within Butler Armstead Consulting Solutions provides assistance to prime contractors, subcontractors, and teaming partners that are doing, or seeking business with, the world’s largest buyer, the Federal Government. Our specialized approach combines our expertise in Federal Government contracting and the nuances of compliance issues with a range of tailored management consulting solutions that deliver optimum results.

Our goal is to effectively position your business to respond with confidence, accuracy, and agility throughout the life cycle of your relationship with the Federal client. The Federal Government Contracting Division offers the following services:

Business Development and Marketing
Butler Armstead Consulting offers a proven approach to increase your organization’s presence and competiveness in the Federal market. We work closely with your management team to assist you in differentiating your service offerings and applying a defined and disciplined approach to business development and marketing. This value-added consultation is designed to help your firm develop strategies that build and sustain strong business relationships.

Proposal Management
We assist your business with all phases of the proposal management process — from identification of a specific opportunity and pre-proposal preparation to proposal review and post submission. We provide valued input during front-end planning to help you understand and better navigate the Federal environment. Through close consultation with your proposal review teams, we assist in ensuring that the benefits of your products and service offerings are properly emphasized and that proposal compliance, balance, and quality are properly validated.

Workshops and Training
Gain a thorough understanding of the complexities of federal contracting, its rules, regulations, and procedures through workshops and training sessions specifically tailored for your business needs. Butler Armstead Consulting offers essential training for both businesses desiring to sell to the Federal Government and those presently under contract. Offerings include:

• Acquisition Initiatives & Trends 
• Federal Contracting Fundamentals
• The Source Selection Process: What Case Law Reveals
• Management & Use of Your Past Performance Information

• Intellectual Property: The Rights of
   Government & Contractor 

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