We live in a dynamic and fast-paced age where the only way organizations can maintain a competitive advantage is through market analysis, strategic thinking, effective organizational alignment, and sound implementation. Mission-critical goals are not static; consequently successful organizations must plan to ensure they are continually poised for change.  Our approach to strategic planning involves:

• Conducting appropriate analysis to determine market needs and driving forces
• Identifying the right vision to motivate goal oriented behavior
• Articulating mission-driven strategies and goals
• Building collaboration and teamwork to address prominent issues and business improvements
• Providing ongoing management consultation to ensure achievement of identified performance measures

Select Client Engagements:

General Services Administration

Over a period of five years,  our HR team provided consultation for several divisions within the General Services Administration. With our annual facilitation of their strategic planning, product review and marketing sessions, the Mid-West Region increased their telecommunication service sales from $180 million to more than $300 million.  We were also retained to assist the GSA Capital Region Telecommunications Division restructure, following a reduction in staff. This restructuring effort required strategic planning, facilitation, design and development of teaming strategies, and coaching for both the steering committee and several newly developed teams.  Our HR team also assisted the GSA Telecommunications Management Support Division to document and assess the work processes for both the Funds Management and Program Support Branches. These efforts involved data collection, analysis, development of workflow diagrams, facilitation of reinvention team meeting, and staff consultation.


BA Consultant Solutions' HR team was contracted to assist the U.S. Customs Service Congressional Affairs Office improve collaboration and communication among managers and program staff. This effort required us to conduct a needs assessment, and design and facilitate an intervention solution. Additionally, we facilitated staff interventions for the Equal Employment Opportunity office following a restructuring and realignment effort. Further work involved designing and conducting a series of team building sessions for new and experienced staff that resulted in a significant improvement in work relations among staff.


For more than a decade, our staff conducted consulting engagements with the National Mentoring Partnership. These efforts included needs assessments, facilitation of strategic planning sessions, identification of workflow and organizational dynamics, and design and facilitation of planning sessions for the Leadership Council, Executive Staff and the Board of Directors.

Additionally, our lead consultant was retained to convene and facilitate national experts on mentoring. Together they revised the widely circulated Mentor publications entitled “Elements of Effective Practice in Mentoring,” and “E-Mentoring Guidelines.”

Further, we served as the lead consultant for strategic planning efforts with Statewide Leadership Councils in Georgia, Maine and Washington State as part of the START Initiative, which was designed to leverage best practices in mentoring nationally. Earlier, we lead strategic planning efforts for several local initiatives, which include: Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh.