“John T. Butler provided the right prescription to address the challenges our employees faced given their tireless and dedicated work to restore vital services following Hurricane Katrina. Your sensitivity to our employees in designing and conducting the 311 Call Center assessment and conference was very beneficial. The ensuing teambuilding and teaming training proved to be the key to our staff establishing better lines of communication and collaboration. The City of New Orleans thanks you for helping us to refocus our efforts.”--M. Harrison Boyd, Interim Chief Technology Officer City of New Orleans Office of the Mayor, Office of Technology

“For the past decade, we have worked closely with Mr. John T Butler for all of our strategic planning, leadership training, teaming and team building needs. I can always count on John's facilitators to help us stretch beyond our comfort zone to identify and effectively address the underlying issues we must face to remain competitive.”--William McGlockton, President & CEO Précis Corporation

“The Management and Leadership seminar you offered was one of the best I have ever taken! You were able to meet all my expectations and help me gain insights that will certainly serve me well in the future. I guarantee FERC’s funds were not wasted in this effort to familiarize supervisors with the different approaches to effective supervision.”--Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
“I’ve been to quite a few seminars. John T. Butler's seminars have by far been the best. The facilitators were exciting, very informative and responsive to our concerns about applying the training.”--Census Bureau
“Mr. Butler did an excellent job! I appreciated their positive attitude and willingness to address the problems we face as opposed to sticking to a pre-determined format and message. It made the course much more interesting and useful.”--Environmental Protection Agency
“I found the Leadership seminar very interesting and well worth my time. The facilitators maintained high participant involvement throughout the course, which is not an easy task when staff are initially reluctant to attend the training.”--USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service